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SopCasthelp and info

  • What is SopCast?

    SoP is short for Streaming over P2P and this is special software that works as a Streaming Direct Broadcasting System that has been based on P2P. Essentially, this is a free and very easy way to broadcast both video and audio or simply watch the video and listen to the audio that is broadcast on the internet.

  • What are the Main Features of SopCast?

    The software is packed with useful features and one of the most popular is the tool that makes it possible to share data among viewers, which helps to make the channel more stable. Users also have the ability to build their own channels that they can then broadcast over the internet.

  • What are the SopCast Buffering Speeds?

    This software is known for providing very fast buffering speeds that help to ensure a steady and secure connection. Although the buffering speeds will vary depending on a number of factors, they are typically between 10 and 30 seconds.

  • Which Operating Systems is SopCast Compatible With?

    The programme uses Sop Player and Sop Server, both of which can be run with Linux and windows. Linux users are likely to find that they have a slight advantage, as the entire system can be embedded to Linux.

  • Do You Need to Create an Account to Use SopCast?

    There is no need to create an account, as users can sign in anonymously to watch all of the regular channels. However, people who create an account and sign in as a registered user will have the advantage of being able to join special groups to receive additional channels.

  • How Can I Build a Stable SopCast Channel?

    In order to build a stable channel, users must first build a local source, which can be done by playing stream media files. It is also necessary to have a stable and reliable internet connection as this will influence the stability of the channel.

  • Why is There no Sound when Using SopCast with RealPlayer?

    This is a common problem when using RealPlayer to stream a rm/rmvb video and the bug appears to be associated with RealPlayer. It can be rectified by smoothly moving the RealPlayer process bar from left to right when a video is playing and this step can be repeated as often as necessary.

  • Which Media Player Can I Use with SopCast?

    Although the software is compatible with a number of different media players, the best results are typically reported when using Windows Media Player 9 or a later version. The latest version of RealPlayer can also be used to play the stream, although it should be noted that sound issues are sometimes reported with this media player.

  • Is SopCast Safe?

    The software boasts cutting edge End-to-End security as a measure to protect users. Messages are also encrypted to provide enhanced security, while the software boasts a high level of P2P securit.

  • Which File Types Can be Used for Streaming Media Files with SopCast?

    A large number of different types of file types can be streamed such as asf, wmv, rm, and rmvb. The software also supports mp3 files.